About Us


My dad always told me that many people were “penny wise, and pound foolish,” and that I shouldn’t be like them. While I agree with his sentiment, as I’ve taken on more financial obligations, I’ve learned that being penny wise over many instances can also have a positive impact on your financial well being. A bunch of small decisions really add up, and paired with smart decision making on the big ticket items in life, I’ve found I can drastically alter my financial situation. 

With that being said, I’ve started this blog to help others achieve the same change in mindset, and hopefully avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. It’s easy to dream of striking it rich with some big gambles, but unfortunately, most of us are not going to succeed at the venture. When someone is making money, another person is losing.

Some of the key themes I live by are:

  • Own assets that you believe in – some risks are ok if you’ve done your homework
  • Plan with short and long-term goals in mind
  • If people are talking about it at the lunch table, you’re probably too late
  • A bunch of small decisions really add up

My hope is that by participating in this blog, you are able to gain some insights and perspective that will help you achieve your financial dreams, whatever they may be.


I’m a husband, father, and a personal finance blogger who loves discussing personal finance with the aim of helping myself and others thrive. I’m not about getting rich quick or timing the market. I’m about small, incremental improvements to move away from financial uncertainty and into a space of overall financial well-being. A few key notes about my perspectives on personal finance:

• I tend to be a little more conservative than my peer group

• I’m a big proponent of multiple income streams and diversification

• I take a long-term view over short-term gains

• I classify myself as an ever-entrepreneur

I’m looking forward to having you along this journey with us!