Thriving Millionaires Book

In 2018, Eric and Patrick, friends for over a decade, launched Thriving Millionaires with the singular goal of helping others thrive with their personal finances.

Wanting to provide a unique new style to the world of personal finance, Eric and Patrick decided that they would both write about each topic – giving the reader two different perspectives and points of view on each subject. The topics discussed range across earning, spending, saving, and investing.

This book has been produced to continue the mission of helping others thrive with their personal finances.

Eric Hotaling

I’m a husband, father, and a personal finance writer who loves discussing personal finance with the aim of helping others thrive. I’m not about getting rich quick or timing the market. I’m about small, incremental improvements to move away from financial uncertainty and into a space of overall financial well-being. From a personal finance perspective, I tend to be a little more conservative than my peer group, I am a big proponent of multiple income streams, diversification, and I take a long-term view over short-term gains. I am an ever-entrepreneur.

Patrick Streitz

My dad always told that many people were “Penny wise, and
pound foolish,” and that I shouldn’t be like them. While I agree with his sentiment, as I’ve taken on more financial obligations, I’ve learned that being penny wise over many instances can also have a positive impact on your financial wellbeing. A bunch of small decisions really add up and paired with smart decision making on the big ticket items in life, I’ve found I can drastically alter my financial situation. My hope is that you can find a nugget or two in this blog to avoid the mistakes I’ve made and set yourself up for financial freedom.