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We’re Patrick and Eric. We started Thriving Millionaires in 2018 to help people learn about personal finance and to help them thrive in their own personal finance journey!

What’s different about Thriving Millionaires? We’re glad you asked.

We approach personal finance with a real-world view in mind. We’re not trying to retire when we’re 24, we’re not looking to pick the next Bitcoin, and we’re not earning $800 per hour.

We’re two regular guys with wives and children just looking to provide for our families and chart a course for financial success. Some things come a little easier to us than others, somethings require us to do a lot of research. All of this is in service of helping people educate themselves on personal finance.

We publish new content every Tuesday and Thursday.

But each post is actually a double post because we each provide a perspective on the topic at hand. For instance, if Patrick writes an article about Topic X, Eric also weights in on the subject. This gives you the opportunity to hear two different perspectives and two different points of view. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t – but either way, there’s more value for our readers – which is why we do it.

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Eric is a husband, father, and personal finance enthusiast.

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